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Hoof Health Training:

7th of April 2014 - Full

10th of April 2014 - Full

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Hoof Trimming Chutes

COMFORT CHUTES are designed to efficiently and safely handle cows in today's modern dairy environments, designed by Karl Burgi - Thanks to years of field research, the Accu-Trim® Leg Restraint provides excellent claw position for accurate, functional trimming and treatment procedures.

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Comfort Hoof Care M SeriesEngineered as the perfect addition to your treatment area. Choose from Model MS, Model MR or add a custom trailer.

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Karl Burgi Trimming II Comfort Hoof CareDesigned to secure cattle in a natural, upright position while reducing the physical labor needed to trim claws. Select a stationary model for on-farm use or a trailer unit for more mobility.

Karl Burgi working with Comfort Chute

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Accu-trim Leg Restraint SystemAn original COMFORT HOOF CARE, INC. design, guides the cow's leg following her natural leg stroke and range of motion. It securely holds her leg, leaving both your hands free to use any type of tool.


Comfort Chutes available for JerseysAll the features of the M-Series and H-Series in a smaller package. Finally, no more compromising the safety of your cows.




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